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Top 16 Ways Non-Profits Can Use Video To Impact Their Audience

1. The best way to connect with your audience (and make an impact) is to let people see, hear and feel your story through a real life experience.

2. Teach by making people feel. Sympathy and empathy are deep connectors and video is the most effective medium for eliciting feelings.

3. The likelihood of an audience aligning with a cause is based on creating an emotional connection. Video is the best way to develop this emotional connection.

4. What you’re doing becomes “real” to people when they can see and hear about your progress. Video helps your audiences understand how you have specifically impacted the lives of the individuals you are helping.

5. Video is exciting and entertaining – it’s the best way to captivate and engage your audience.

6. Video helps turn your organization into a movement – they convey vision and inspire action.

7. Video cultivates empathy in ways that other media cannot. Research shows that when we see other people experiencing emotions it makes them feel the same way. This makes video an extremely powerful medium.

8. Videos are a way to articulate your mission and impact in a digestible and shareable manner

9. Video is an excellent way to express your vision of the world the way you want it to be.

10. Video is a powerful medium for telling anecdotes that help your organization demonstrate transformation.

11. Video makes stories memorable and will move an audience to take action or at the very least share what they have experienced.

12. While it may be easy to forget facts or ideas, it’s much harder for people to forget how you make them feel.

13. Stories have tension – by crafting a narrative arc audiences are taken on an emtional journey that conveys transformation and impact.

14. Video is an excellent vehicle for annecdote – advocacy focuses on an individual’s struggle; impact focuses on hope.

15. The average person watches 20 minutes of online video each day; the more artful and entertaining your message the more likely it is to get shared.

16. Sharing your vision and results straight from the mouths of the people you affect provides strong evidence that you’re making a difference.

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