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Solving the Overhead Myth

The non-profit sector is going through a revolution and things are getting a whole lot better. Over the past few years there’s been a lot of talk about inefficiencies in the nonprofit sector; in fact, the social impact industry has taken root because of a loss in confidence in the nonprofit model. One of the biggest issues with the nonprofit model is that the not for profit financial structure makes it difficult for an organization to reinvest in itself. This is a huge problem because organizations need to invest in talent, assets and other business costs that will ensure the model is sustainable over the long run.

In 2014 CharityNavigator, GuideStar and BBB Wise Giving Alliance teamed up to put an end to this mainstream misunderstanding. Their solution is the creation of this website called The Overhead Myth and moving towards a solution. It’s a game changer because it destroys the false conception that administration and fundraising costs (overhead) are a primary measure of a charity’s performance. A NONPROFIT’S PERFORMANCE SHOULD BE JUDGED ON IT’S IMPACT!

This change in mindset is a beginning of a new era for nonprofit organizations. This philosophy debunks the myth that when nonprofits invest in marketing and act with business savvy they are depleting funds that could be applied to people in need; in fact it’s quite the opposite, investing back into the organization will lead to increased fundraising.

Solving the Overhead Myth is taking this change in mindset to the next level by providing tools like Zeroing In On Impact, Leap Of Reason and several others to facilitate this change in thinking. Please share this with organizations who are making this world a better place a be part of this movement into a new era of social change!

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