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Why the Rich Don’t Give to Charity

One of the reasons wealthy people do not donate is because they live in a bubble and aren’t exposed to the injustices of the world. This article mentions that “Notably, though, when both groups were exposed to a sympathy-eliciting video on child poverty, the compassion of the wealthier group began to rise, and the groups’ […]

The Poor Kids of Silicon Valley

For the past year I’ve been co-hosting Story Code SF to bridge the gap between filmmaking and technology. I recently discovered The Poor Kids of Silicon Valley and I think the simple straight forward delivery and succinct and pointed message make this a very strong piece. It doesn’t have any bells or whistles, but what […]

Solving the Overhead Myth

The non-profit sector is going through a revolution and things are getting a whole lot better. Over the past few years there’s been a lot of talk about inefficiencies in the nonprofit sector; in fact, the social impact industry has taken root because of a loss in confidence in the nonprofit model. One of the […]

The New World of Business Savvy Ethically Operated Non-Profits

The non-profit world is reaching an inflection point. Over the past few months the non-profit model has been getting a lot of attention. The result has been overwhelmingly positive, but organization’s are being challenged to question the ways they can have the most positive long term effect while staying true to their values. It’s an […]

The Art of Meaningful Video Stories

Making a video can be one of the most powerful ways you can increase your exposure. That being said, creating a video can be daunting and seemingly complex; so here are a few things to think about that make creating a film for your organization more approachable. Let’s start with the subtle difference between telling […]

The Art Of Turning An Interview & B-roll Into A Story

We’ve learned a few things along the way and wanted to share our experience with creating stories that matter. Let’s start with the subtle difference between telling a compelling story vs. laying some b-roll over interview footage, a nuance often overlooked when creating a documentary video. First off, the medium of video can be tricky; […]

What is the best structure for telling your story?

Four ideas for great storytelling from Michael Margolis, Nancy Duarte, Gareth Kay & Simon Sinek: As you begin to craft your story ask what action do I want my audience to take and what realization do they need to have in order to take that action? Employ the power of paradox. If you start with […]

SPIN Academy

Last week at SPIN Academy we gave a presentation on telling your story with video to fuel your cause. We’ve been paying close attention to best practices for nonprofit storytelling. Below is the deck that we presented. We covered storytelling strategy, targeting your primary audiences, producing a beautiful video and engineering your video to be […]

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