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Caine’s Arcade Helps 8yr Old Raise $133k Scholarship

Caine’s Arcade is an amazing story about an imaginative boy who created an Arcade from cardboard in a back room of his Dad’s auto shop. The real story lies in @Nervan ‘s documentary style film that turned his after school creative escapade into a $133k scholarship fund. The film went viral and ended up in […]

Creating a film that will incite action

This film “It’s Time” tells a moving story and employs powerful cinematic techniques to make an impact. Our mission is to not only create powerful films that incite action, but do so through a strategy that encourages the film to be shared. Our friends at ListenIn Pictures recently wrote down some helpful strategies for creating […]

Stop Digging for Insights

Great post by Emma a thought also articulated by Steve Jobs; the notion that insights aren’t discovered, but rather they are intuited by understanding an audience and making a connection that has previously gone unnoticed. STOP DIGGING FOR INSIGHTS I am fed up with digging for consumer insights. More precisely, I am fed up with […]

Doing Good Instead of Looking Good

This year Toni Morrision gave this commencement speech at Rutgers about living a meaningful life. She makes a wonderful point not only about how the American dream has changed but what it means to do good. “I have often wished that Jefferson had not used that phrase, “the pursuit of happiness”, as the third right—although […]


In just three minutes and six lines, this film short, Porcelain Unicorn by director Keegan Wilcox, packs a real emotional punch. The film won the Grand Prize in 2010 for the Philips Parallel Lines “Tell It Your Way” international competition and is about a young German boy who has a heart when it comes to […]

Everything is a Remix (3 of 3)

We heard it before, everything we is built off something that has already been created. So what is the path to creativity and innovation. Great artists spend their formative years producing derrivative work. Hunter S. Thompson wrote out the entire Great Gatsby just to get the feel for writing a great novel and Bob Dylan’s […]


Lexar is a technology company who develops back-up and storage technology in the consumer computer sector. CHALLENGE: Lexar needed a story to explain how their product provides a unique solution in a category that can be complicated and confusing.  They needed to understand how their consumer thinks, a strategy for communicating rational and emotional benefits […]

Africa by Air

Flying in a motorized paraglider over one of the most diverse continents in the world, George Steinmetz captures in his photographs the stunning beauty, potential and hope of Africa’s landscapes and people. See the project at

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