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Challenge: d.light design is an international consumer products company that delivers affordable but high quality solutions to people without access to reliable electricity. Their mission is to enable households without reliable electricity to attain the same quality of life as those with electricity. They will begin by replacing every kerosene lantern with clean, safe and […]

Arts Commission Mobile Application & Web Site

CHALLENGE: With mobile technology and social media people can now have an easy and highly interactive way to experience their city like never before.  We recognize this as an opportunity for creating highly functional and useful ways for people to discover and engage the art in their community. COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTION: Creating tools like a mobile […]

Deriving Success from Passion

PROJECT: Work Hard/ Play Hard, San Francisco, CA CHALLENGE: Some might argue that the ultimate dream is to find a way to make money doing what you love.  We were tasked with showing that professional success often comes from aligning your passions in life with your work. OUR SOLUTION: We focused on an individual employee […]

MINI Cooper

BRAND: MINI Cooper, Germany CHALLENGE: While at Bulter, Shine we were tasked with evolving the already progressive nature and cutting edge ideas that define the MINI Cooper Brand. THE SOLUTION: Develop a brand initiative based on aligning the brand with the future of car culture. We crafted ethnography style research with high profile, bleeding edge […]

Transgender Law Center

PROJECT: Transgender Law Center, San Francisco, CA CHALLENGE: As the lead strategist for Taproot I was tasked with re-branding the Transgender Law center; a non-profit struggling to communicate it’s core competencies and differentiate its services.  There were two challenges here – 1.To find a balance between the conservative values of the legal profession and the […]

Hunters Point Family

PROJECT: Hunters Point Family, San Francisco, CA CHALLENGE: As a lead strategist at Taproot I was tasked with re-branding Hunters Point Family.  This non-profit offers several programs that are restoring education, health and business to the Bay View community.  They were in need of a marketing strategy tying all of their core competencies to one […]

Columbia Sportswear

PROJECT: Columbia Sportswear, Mt. Hood, OR CHALLENGE: While at Butler Shine I helped pitch and win the Columbia Sportswear business.  The challenge was to uncover insights and perceptions of the Columbia brand that would lead to a branding and advertising campaign. THE SOLUTION: I spent four days on Mt. Hood talking with snowboarding, skiing and […]


CLIENT: Legal Team for ALAN CROTZER CHALLENGE: After 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, Alan Crotzer, was exonerated by DNA evidence. The challenge was to help him re-acclimate to the outside world during his first 30 days of freedom.  We were tasked with helping Alan get much needed media attention […]


PROJECT: Sagatiba, Brazil CHALLENGE: While at Butler Shine I was tasked with discovering the most effective way to launch a Brazilian Spirit in US markets. OUR SOLUTION: We conducted an ethnographic study across the US to develop consumer insight and use it to communicate the essence of Brazil. RESULT: Brand strategy with typologies, psycho-graphics and […]


CLIENT: THE UBUNTU EDUCATION FUND CHALLENGE: To profile some of the most at-risk children in the world and show how the Ubuntu Education Fund is helping them overcome staggering obstacles. SOLUTION: Embed ourselves into a small community in South Africa and conduct an anthropological style shoot to understand the impact of the UBUNTU project. RESULT: […]

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