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CureBlindness: Yitbarek

FILM: CureBlindness travels the world to restore sight to the blind. They have devised a holistic, long-term solution to the global epidemic of cataract blindness. We spent three weeks in Ethiopia filming impact stories of how Cure Blindness has changed lives through their efforts to solve this problem.

SOLUTION: Blindness doesn’t only afflict the person who can’t see; it also impacts the family, the relatives, the community and the economy at large. We documented this two prong approach that provides thousands of surgeries for rapid relief and education and infrastructure that seeks to provide a long term sustainable solution. Our film captures the story of Yitbarek. Not only does he have a second chance at life, but his surgery has also relieved his community of the burden of care.

RESULT: Cure Blindness started in Nepal over 15 years ago. They are preparing to expand their services across the globe to treat the blind and provide education and resources that will make developing countries self-sufficient in preventing and treating cataracts.

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