Truth Be Told


Last Glimpse

We spent three weeks with local Maldivians to learn about their culture and have crafted it into an documentary show. We created a 45 minute documentary show to raise education and awareness about cultures on the brink of being lost because of sea level rise. You can watch the full film here at LastGlimpse.

We’re headed to the most wondrous places on Earth that are impacted by complex environmental issues. Our journey will not portray a “doom and gloom” scenario, but rather highlight the natural beauty and unique cultures native to these areas. We hope you’ll enjoy an immersive experience, and discover a deep connection to the people, food, language, music, and wildlife of these uncanny destinations.

Because the problems we face are not isolated to any one place, let’s marvel at modern Atlantis in bittersweet beauty and start a broader conversation about how together – as a global community – we can take action on the generational issue of our time. Otherwise,
consider this your LAST GLIMPSE…

As we continue to build momentum around this issue we hope to visit other cultures and gain distribution for our show. If you are someone or  connected to someone interested in distributing the show please reach out.

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