Truth Be Told


Lost Gear


FILM: Our futures depend on healthy oceans, but they face many challenges. Lost fishing gear, though only 1/10 of the marine debris trash found in the oceans, can be the most detrimental to marine life, causing ghost-fishing, entanglement, ingestion, and in many cases death. In this film, we explore how individuals can be a part of the solution to this critical issue by following 3 different stories: a conscientious surfer, a progressive crab fisherman, and a sustainable seafood restaurant owner. By working together or taking individual actions, we hope to inspire audiences to be an everyday ocean hero.

SOLUTION: We spent a day aboard a crabbing vessel in Trinidad, CA to understand how SeaDoc is revolutionizing the fishing industry by developing a self sustaining program enabling fishermen to retrieve lost fishing gear after their season is over. We spent a day in Water Bar to understand how the chef and purchasing manager are driving behavior change both from within the industry and by educating their patrons. We also told the story of a San Francisco Bar Pilot who has been surfing the coast of CA for more than 20 years removing stray fishing debris to reduce marine mammal entanglements.

RESULT: Arguably one of our most impactful films: The film helped open dialogue amongst local fisherman in Eureka. This level of education about the SeaDoc pilot project helped change mindset and influence behaviors changing the fishing community from the inside out. Ultimately this influenced a legislative change that has impacted sustainable fishing practices up and down the entire western seaboard. The film is also being shown as an educational tool at the Aquarium of the Bay and Sea Lion Center to create education and awareness to promote ocean stewardship and more sustainable behaviors. It is an Official selection at the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival and is being shown in theaters to create a conversation about ocean health, environmentally friendly fishing practices and sustainable consumption.


– Craig Goucher (crabber) and Jennifer Rennzulo (Sustainable programs) of Sea Doc’s Derelict Fishing Gear retrieval program

– Eric Hyman (sustainable purchasing) & Parke Ulrich (head chef) of Water Bar San Francisco

– Dustin Slack (surfer) of SF Bar Pilots

– Kate Harle, Maggie Ostdahl and Robyn Grahn of the Aquarium of the Bay

– Silvia Mahan (producer and asst. editor), Matt Szymanowski (2nd cinematographer for Water Bar scene), Ilgi Candar (animator) of Truth Be Told Creative