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Meet The Dealers

BRAND STYLE DOCUMENTARY FILMS: eBay Motors is an extremely efficient platform for selling cars online. We met a series of passionate dealers with innovative approaches to selling cars and were tasked with sharing their stories. The idea is to educate current dealers on the opportunities to increase sales by widening audience reach. We were tasked with creating brand style documentary films that highlight the benefits and advantages of listing their cars with eBay Motors.

SOLUTION: We know that consumers expect more from brands so we crafted these stories with a documentary approach and engineered them to be both engaging and educational. We spent a day in the life with 6 different dealers around the country to relate their experiences. We realized that dealers like to build relationships and get to know their customers; this insight clued us in to their reluctance to adopt online technology. This enabled us to craft stories that made the eBay Motors technology more approachable.

RESULT: By expressing the success stories of the best performing eBay Motors dealers we have been able to educate and influence dealers to change their behavior and begin listing cars online.

You can view the other films on eBay Motors at the dealer center:

We directed, shot, edited and produced this in collaboration with Swirl who provided account management and animation.

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