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Neighborhood Safety

In collaboration with NationSwell we directed, filmed and co-produced this short documentary about the Office of Neighborhood Safety. We spent a week with peacemakers and residents of Richmond to understand the impact of the program. We saw the profound effect the mentorship provided by the program has had on the community. Devone has started nothing short of a revolution to innovate our way out of violent behavior!

Devone Boggan, head of the program says it best, “I think the biggest question that comes up is, Why would we spend these kinds of resources on people who should be in jail?” Boggan says. “Our philosophy and approach is were not going to arrest our way out of gun violence. The way were going to get ourselves removed from gun violence is developing and shaping these young men in a different way. We see these young men as vital and viable partners and we have to understand the power that these young men bring to the table,” he adds. “Gun violence isn’t being reduced because of the police alone. The primary reason is because these young men are making better decisions.”

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