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DOCUMENTARY STYLE INSPIRATION FILM: We’re on the verge of a nutritional tipping point. The time has come for us to re-think the way we eat. Never before has the US been more ready for such a revolutionary approach to the way we eat; and the Plant Strong movement is leading the way.Engine2 Diet along with a team of Doctors and researchers are leading a movement to educate the American public about health and nutrition. We spent two days with them at an immersion event to capture the essence of this movement and provide a look at how they hope to heal an obese and sick America with a new way to think about how we eat.

SOLUTION: Changing the way you eat is not something you can be told to do, it has to be a decision you want to make. The insight was to connect this learning about reluctance to change with the psychology of encouraging change through education. We presented the facts to educate participants and encouraged them to learn more through an immersion event.

RESULT: Immersion attendance is up! We crafted a video to inspire audiences with a new way of thinking about eating. We highlighted the benefits of eating Plant Strong by allowing Dr. Esselstyn, Jeff Novick, Doug Lisle, Rich Roll and Rip to express their points of view and experiences. This showed how an immersion event doesn’t just explain how to think differently about nutrition but actually provides the tools necessary for changing your behavior.



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