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Rescue to Release

BRAND STYLE DOCUMENTARY FILM: We captured the essence of the Marine Mammal Center to raise awareness for a state of the art organization that is the premier solution for marine rehabilitation on the west coast.

SOLUTION: We created a film that highlights rehabilitation and education to show the impact the Marine Mammal Center has had up and down the western seaboard. This 4 minute brand film will be shown as part of Virgin America in-flight entertainment to raise awareness of the facility and also premiered at the 2011 MMC Gala.

RESULT: The staff and facility speak for themselves; our job was to create a film that highlighted the ground breaking work their teams have done to change the care of sea mammals and the way we coexist with our ocean environment. The result has been raising hundreds of thousands of dollars through Virgin America pre-flight entertainment, internet seeding and the yearly Gala.

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