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Source For Change

Source For Change is an all-woman organization revolutionizing the role of Indian women in business. Their vision is to connect highly educated, business oriented women of rural Indian with businesses seeking their talents.

To break cultural norms and change the way society views women in the workplace throughout India. Shed light on how the Indian economy will benefit from the SFC initiative to empower women in the work place.

We want to put the spot light on the women of SFC by proving through example that women can be the heart and brain of successful business ventures. We created a marketing campaign that explains that the rural women of India are as equally educated and have the same ambition and professional attitudes towards work as their urban counterparts.  We traveled to Rajastan and spent time with the women from SFC to learn their story.  We then worked with SFC to develop a brand experience and to expand their online presence.

We developed a branding and communications strategy that emphasized how SFC changed the lives of the women it employs through short documentary style  films and photojournalsim.  We helped to tell the story of how Source For Change is uprooting the old way of business in India and replacing it with a structure that empowers women in the workforce.

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