Truth Be Told


The Direction of Dreams

Truth Be Told is in the beginning phase of creating our first feature length documentary. We’ve been developing a screenplay and story arc but couldn’t help putting together this teaser story from one of our research interviews. Learn more at


Direction of Dreams was created to exist at the fringe; to defy convention and to start a revolution. What has happened to the American Dream? Why do we spent our lives in jobs we loath just to pay the bills? In 2015, why do we allow 45 million Americans to live below the poverty line and why is it okay for 20% of people in the US to own 85% of the wealth? What will happen when AI and automation begin replacing jobs in unprecedented numbers. What do you think about the Permanent Fund, what about Social Security and how are economist exploring ways to evolve capitalism. Join us on the tip of the iceberg as we begin to explore life with Basic Income. Learn more at

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