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TMMC Doc Series

BRAND STYLE DOCUMENTARY FILM SERIES: Marine mammal life is an indicator not only for the health of the ocean but for our entire global ecosystem. The Marine Mammal Center is a state of the art facility with renowned researchers, vets and scientists from around the world doing groundbreaking work. We created these short documentary style videos to share the impact they’re having.

SOLUTION: Over the course of several months we spent a day in the life with 5 different individuals to explain the work they are doing and show the impact they are having. From volunteers, to artists, to veterinarians, to ocean scientists, we captured it all to tell the story of the Marine Mammal Center.

RESULT: Our hope is to inspire individuals by the work being done at the Marine Mammal Center, with the intention of encouraging people to think about ocean health and how it ultimately effects us. This ethnographic style approach allowed us to capture what TMMC has to teach us about making our planet a healthier place to live. The intention of these films is to share those learnings. Besides being used to create awareness on TMMC the videos are also being shown on Virgin America inflight entertainment.

The first three videos of the series feature Jean-Michel Cousteau of Oceans Futures Society, Raya, a volunteer at the center and the Lang’s, found ocean trash artists.



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