Truth Be Told


Understanding Dyspraxia

DOCUMENTARY STYLE IMPACT FILM: Identifying a sensory integration disorder is not easy, and finding it early can have a profound positive affect on a child and their family. Advances in psychology are allowing parents to diagnose and treat conditions that are giving families new found hope.

SOLUTION: We spent time and crafted a story with Jen and her daughter Paige, an eight year old girl who was diagnosed at a young age with Dyspraxia and other developmental nervous system conditions. Through her testing with WPS and her treatment with PTN she has made great strides in adjusting to environments that she would otherwise have found untraversible.

RESULT: We chose an individual who has experienced a profound change in her life because of all the amazing psychological work being done at WPS. We believe that telling the story of Paige is the most effective way for WPS to communicate how they are changing the world for the better.

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