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You’re Looking At Me

Alzheimer’s Disease has a profound effect that leads to extreme mental deterioration and death. It affects 1 in 85 people globally and does not have any known cures. Our goal is simple – promote understanding and research. Our hope is that seeing the effects will help prepare family members of the afflicted and make it easier to cope with effects of losing a love one to this disease.

“You’re Looking At Me” is a documentary film that is shot entirely from the perspective of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease. We filmed Lee over a three month period to capture a raw, up-close and personal look at how Alzheimer’s has affected her personality and behavior. We raised awareness and understanding in an effort to help people cope with affected family members. The idea was to raise some important questions like how to most effectively deal with family members who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s and where is the line between full consciousness and complete mental deterioration? We were heavily involved with producing,editing and filming up at the Traditions Alzheimer’s Care Unit.

The film aired multiple days on PBS’ Independent Lens reaching millions through public broadcast and web streaming.Creating the film on location gave us the opportunity to develop a relationship, and film extremely personal moments with Lee Gorewitz and how Alzheimer’s has changed and influenced her life.

This film was a collaborative effort between peripheral productions and a collective of filmmakers in the bay area.

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