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The New World of Business Savvy Ethically Operated Non-Profits

The non-profit world is reaching an inflection point. Over the past few months the non-profit model has been getting a lot of attention. The result has been overwhelmingly positive, but organization’s are being challenged to question the ways they can have the most positive long term effect while staying true to their values. It’s an […]

The Art Of Turning An Interview & B-roll Into A Story

We’ve learned a few things along the way and wanted to share our experience with creating stories that matter. Let’s start with the subtle difference between telling a compelling story vs. laying some b-roll over interview footage, a nuance often overlooked when creating a documentary video. First off, the medium of video can be tricky; […]

The business of story telling

Marketing is story telling. This article has some great examples of ways that brands are engaging consumers and building experiences that have cultural, social and educational impact. We talk about engaging the consumer, well these are just a few examples, Dove’s Real Beauty meet-ups, Amex’s OPEN kiosks and HP’s innovation installations that are all proving […]

Viral Strategy is an oxymoron

Gareth posted a blog response to an adweek article about measuring viral success, something Faris calls idea multipliers. I like the article and the comments because they tear apart the old school model of