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Gray Area Foundation – SF

Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA) is a San Francisco-based nonprofit dedicated to building social consciousness through digital culture. Guided by the principles of openness, collaboration, and resource sharing, our programs promote creativity at the intersection of art, design, sound, and technology. A conduit for multidisciplinary creative exchange, GAFFTA supports the creation and diffusion […]

Transgender Law Center

PROJECT: Transgender Law Center, San Francisco, CA CHALLENGE: As the lead strategist for Taproot I was tasked with re-branding the Transgender Law center; a non-profit struggling to communicate it’s core competencies and differentiate its services.  There were two challenges here – 1.To find a balance between the conservative values of the legal profession and the […]

Hunters Point Family

PROJECT: Hunters Point Family, San Francisco, CA CHALLENGE: As a lead strategist at Taproot I was tasked with re-branding Hunters Point Family.  This non-profit offers several programs that are restoring education, health and business to the Bay View community.  They were in need of a marketing strategy tying all of their core competencies to one […]

Bagar, Rajasthan: August 13, 2010

After two intense days in Bagar, Rajasthan we are discovering how Source For Change is making great strides to help change the lives of woman in rural India.  We have interviewed and filmed several women who tell an amazing story which explains their experience of a revolutionary new India.