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The New World of Business Savvy Ethically Operated Non-Profits

The non-profit world is reaching an inflection point. Over the past few months the non-profit model has been getting a lot of attention. The result has been overwhelmingly positive, but organization’s are being challenged to question the ways they can have the most positive long term effect while staying true to their values. It’s an […]

SPIN Academy

Last week at SPIN Academy we gave a presentation on telling your story with video to fuel your cause. We’ve been paying close attention to best practices for nonprofit storytelling. Below is the deck that we presented. We covered storytelling strategy, targeting your primary audiences, producing a beautiful video and engineering your video to be […]

Creating a film that will incite action

This film “It’s Time” tells a moving story and employs powerful cinematic techniques to make an impact. Our mission is to not only create powerful films that incite action, but do so through a strategy that encourages the film to be shared. Our friends at ListenIn Pictures recently wrote down some helpful strategies for creating […]